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Thoughts on: Group work

This semester we were divided into discussion groups. I was put into a group with three other students, and throughout the classes and semesters we shared our thoughts and information on the topics with each other. I usually prefer to… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on: Reading Logs

Throughout the term we were to read a few given articles on a specific topic and than complete a reading log on what we had read. I found these reading logs to be a great way for me to remember… Continue Reading →

The Gold Rush

reading log 7 This reading log is on the Gold Rush and Barkerville, I really enjoyed reading and writing this log, because I have so much experience with the topic. I have been to Barkerville more times than I can… Continue Reading →

The Seven Years War

In class, we discussed The Seven Years War, which was a war between France and Britain. From what we discussed and what I have read on the topic, I found this to be quite intriguing and would have liked to… Continue Reading →


HIST 1120 reading log 8 This weeks reading log was a huge learning experience for me, because I had never even heard about charivari. I was able to gain knowledge through the reading articles and found it super interesting! I… Continue Reading →


HIST 1120 reading log 6 This reading log talks about slavery and how it impacted the peoples of Canada. I found this reading log to be very interesting because I was able to use other outside sources I had seen,… Continue Reading →

Women in the past

The reading logs that we did this semester were an extremely helpful tool for me, they helped me to engage myself in the in class learning that was occurring and they helped my understand of the different topics we covered…. Continue Reading →

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